Complete PC Support & Computer Solutions


Maintaining, managing, and extending IT systems are common needs for any business large or small. PC Support is required no matter what size of business. Let us audit your current IT infrastructure and discuss where you would like it to take you in the near future. If you're just starting a business or simply looking at improving your current systems or PC and network support, we have the resources, experts and partners to help you. You will be able to focus more of your time on your business and let us focus on maintaining and supporting your network.


Outsource Your IT Support


Ensure your business receives expert network support. Oamaru Computer Services has all of the expertise and resources to support your IT infrastructure, so you can focus on what is most important - your business. Think of us as your virtual IT department.
We have Microsoft certified systems team available who can design, implement and maintain your network. As Experts in network support, we will ensure your network is maintained at optimum performance and cost-efficiency. Guaranteed.

Oamaru Computer Services Support


We provide Consultation in Store and Call Out Services to homes & businesses servicing of all your Computer needs in Oamaru and surrounding areas. We also offer taylored Simple Office Service Plans with sets of standards that set us apart from anyone else on every level.

We offer very reasonably priced services from our store where we have a full fledged workshop with all the gadgets required to fix Pc’s.

The information below is some of the services we provide in the Oamaru area:

  •  Virus, Adware & Spyware removal
  •  Software Installation
  •  Remote connect & Remote Support
  •  Email Setup
  •  Data Backup and Retrieval
  •  Hardware and Software Upgrades
  •  PC Tune-ups
  •  Networking, including wireless networking.
  •  High Speed Internet Connectivity(DSL, Dialup, wireless, GSM, Satellite)
  •  PC and Audio System Hookup
  •  MP3 Player Connectivity
  •  Cables, Stands
  •  New & Second Hand Computer Setup
  •  Net Blockin Software Installation to prevent children from accessing restricted areas of the internet.
  •  AIM/MSN Messenger/ICQ/Skype/Yahoo Setup etc
  •  Full Internet Café scanning and printing services.
  •  Insurance appraisals 





If for any reason you’re not satisfied in our work, give us a call and return your pc to us and we have a look into any problems at our discretion.

Store Hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.